Stll life studies

As with my Landscape page I haven’t got too many still life artworks to show here – yet!

I did do a really nice one of a bowl of cherries, but only seem to have a poorly lit photo of it as the painting was gifted to some lovely folk who fed and accommodated me while on a recent visit to the U.K.

22nd October 2011: Still life study of vase of roses


2 thoughts on “Stll life studies”

  1. LEsley Duke said:

    Well I am one of the lucky people with the lovely bowl of cherries on my bookcase. a lovely reminder of summer and a visit from the amazing artist Diane. Now I want to come and see those beautiful landscapes. Thanks Diane Lx

    • Lesley! How lovely of you to pop in!! Amazing artist!!! Well, well – there’s something to get my head around :-)) When, when, when can I show you around are nick o’ the woods!?? I’ve tried replying on skype. but to no avail. Best email address is Love n hugs XXX

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