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bowl of cherries….

…which inspired me to try out some watercolor pencils and create a painting from this photo….

which turned out okay-ish. The following day I whipped out the pencils and created a way better painting of which I have a rather poor lit photo – but here it is anyway:

This painting has inspired me to get going with my art again.

I’ve had an on-off thing with being an artist all my life, but having been fairly useless at everything else, I’ve decided to spare employers the nightmare of employing me and instead to generate funds with my art.

I’ve started with painting a picture as a thank you gift for a couple who put me up for a night in their beautiful country estate called Shortflatt Tower. They have a little Dachshund called Bean who loves curling up at the foot of their large kitchen stove.

I really enjoyed doing this painting so now I think I’d like to take commissions to do pet portraits – or should that be “human companion animal portraits”?