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I’m taking time out from doing artwork and instead I am connecting more with the kind folk who have seen fit to subscribe, like and comment on my dianezone blog. Without visitors a blog is pretty much a ghost town and it still amazes me when I get people dropping by. Makes me feel like grabbing a duster and dusting off the cobwebs, beating the dust out of the carpets and putting the kettle on.

So who are these intrepid visitors?

Well there’s jmrart a French artist from Montreal Canada who specializes in painting models wearing the most outrageously gorgeous boots. She has been a frequent and most welcome visitor to my part of the wordpress neighborhood. We have enjoyed swopping notes on the progress (or not 😉 of our artworks and the difficulties facing artists in terms of generating funds and finding time to be an artist.

Then there is singlee18 who is a LED lighting whizz and whose posts about his mother and their sweet tea-leaf harvesting in the high Shengtang mountains I am enjoying very much.

From visiting singlee18’s blog I met up with a venerable Chinese gentleman who posts on Yoshizen’s Blog. He is a fan of Zen Buddhism and we are philosophizing about the materialism of the present world and where it will end up.

I also have had some visitors who have just popped in ever so briefly to encourage me that my presence on the wordpress domain is noted. They include an artist from Europe whose posts are written in a language that looks like Greek to me, but who is a prolific and engaging artist, a young lass who is writing a story called Asian Town and about her Hawaiian vacation, Colleen Ponce who does beautiful, incredibly detailed charcoal and pencil artwork, Pimp Daddy Love Muffin a newsy, cool blog – I would love to know how he stumbled upon my blog :-), Meredith Shepherd who has found a job at White Digital Media and has been quiet since then and then recently Sharon Sun who is a talented, like-minded young artist who inspired me to check out the deviantART website which showcases a huge number of incredibly talented artists and their work. I am busy creating a showcase there for my art also called dianezone and already have had 6 visitors and 4 comments!

So not such a lonely ghost town after all and looking forward to some more folk come wandering in. To be sure I’ll dust off the deck table and chairs and put out a nice spread of food and drink while we chat about matters arty or maybe just life!