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As promised I’m going to see if I can capture Lucy’s likeness to the satisfaction of her human companion, Gloria.

To this end I went over to Birch Grove, which is a property in Waterfall Drive around the corner from Valley View where I stay. Don’t you just love the names of the roads and places in our little village, Hogsback?

It is rumored, but not substantiated that Tolkien Tolkienvisited Hogsback as a little boy with his folks on their trips from Bloemfontein to East London. There are lots of places named after The Lord of the Rings story in my village like Middle Earth, Rivendell and even Hobbiton an outdoor education centre. Our Afromontane forests look as if you could find Hobbits in them!

Well, as I was saying – I went next door and took some more photos of Lucy, who was much too friendly this time! and kept coming over to me for pats instead of acting Sphinx-like, which she did last time. Here are some shots of her and I am deciding which one I will work with.

Lucy 1Just looking at these two I’d say it will have to be the top photo as it shows off her lovely markings better than the bottom photo, but she is a cutey either way!

So let’s see what happens this time as I apply my unsophisticated, ingenuous artistic skills to capturing her likeness with watercolor pencils, paint and gouache!