Today I took my little portfolio of watercolor paintings on a 200km drive to East London to have them framed with matte and the Cavorting Faeries painting to be framed properly!

I drove 200kms back and managed to get home before it was too dark. Around here there’s a good chance of driving into cows at night who have a habit of sleeping on the road. There are few fences and herdsmen to keep the cattle out of harms way and so it is safer to drive during the day.

This is the first time I’ve actually got my artwork framed and I can see there’s a lot to learn about what color the matte should be – I went for non-traditional colors, instead of creams and white – and the frame can make or break the painting – I went for quite heavy and embossed!

Not the actual frame I chose, but similar.

Maybe I should have read this post on picture framing before jumping in boots and all!? We’ll have to wait and see and of course I’ll be posting photos of the results.

Tomorrow it’s back to Lucy and hopefully I’ll have a painting worth showing!