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As per usual I didn’t have much time for painting today. I don’t think I will be able to focus much on painting until my 50th is over with – and I keep telling myself “This too will pass!”

Here’s a squizz at what I’ve managed to do so far on Lucy’s picture. I’ve worked in watercolor pencils and will finish off with gouache.

From the no.3 shot you can see how small I am working. The “whiskers” on her chest will be worked in more and not so noticeable.

Something I’m wanting to ask two of my subscribers, Sing and Yoshizen and anyone else who may know is whether this artist is Chinese or Japanese and what his name is?

Sometime ago this book came into my possession and it is filled with the most beautiful artwork. I took photos of a few of the pictures in the book as I don’t have a flatbed scanner. The photos unfortunately don’t capture the detail and beautiful translucency of the colors.

There isn’t one word of English in this book and I would love to know who this artist is so I can read more about him.