As expected I’m too busy with birthday party arrangements to do much any painting AND I’ve been offered a part time reception job at the King’s Lodge Hotel

Kings Lodge

which I started yesterday – so rather hectic right now!

I had a restless night last night and realized that since I’d decided to “emerge” as an artist I have had so many distractions that it has been hard to keep on track with my desire to be a more productive artist, generating an income from my work. And I seem to be wandering further and further from the track with each day that passes.

Here’s a quote from a self-made billionaire Ted Leonsis which caught my eye.

I’ve found passion to be the primary motivator for pursuing your short-term goals as well as your long-term dreams. Consume as much information as you can with regards to your potential new venture. Connect with those who can provide guidance. Knowledge is power, so gather it, process it and utilize it.

I like his double-bottom line business model as well – we could do with more business men like him in the world! I’m going to see how I can implement his vision with my artistic aspirations.