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Having offered free “pet portraits” to the first 10 folk to respond on facebook and having got only one taker (Bless her soul!) – but so far no workable photo – I arm wrestled one of my facebook friends who posted this photo of his cat Tenzing:

into allowing me to paint his cat’s portrait! It took him a while to respond and now, when I went back to ask where Tenzing got his name from, that post has mysteriously disappeared!?!

SO there’s only one thing to do, and that is to go ahead of course! How can I resist Tenzing’s charm and the many and varied patterns of the basket and shadows!?

As I have been doing some other wrestling with learning how to use Pitivi, a free and open sourse video editor, for most of the day, I made a late start on sketching Tenzing’s outline:

I’m working a bit bigger than Lucy (17cm x 25cm) on this painting, 28cm x 35cm and on acid free 300gsm paper. It’s going to be a wonderful challenge – and of course there is a bit of uncertainty whether I am up for it. This time I’ve dug my tabletop easel out from the bottom of a pile of junk in the attic and I feel more confident using it to get the proportions right.

In the meantime my studio is spilling over into my home and tomorrow I’ll have to do a tidy up and drag everything back to where it belongs:

Our kitchen counter