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I gave two little Xhosa girls a lift today, both sucking noisily on sticky suckers and fidgeting with everything in the cab as we bumped along the country road.

The one youngster discovered my cellphone and immediately demanded to be photographed. By then we’d stopped at their home and the sun was shining right into the cellphone camera lens. They didn’t want to hear anything about bad light for a good photo, so I took the shot anyway, showed them a sun corona-ed, indistinct photo which they of course pulled their noses up at and, if I’m not being over sensitive, looked a little pitying at me as they waved goodbye.

Not to be outdone, I decided to push the GIMP to see what it could salvage from this wrecked shot and my wrecked pride and this fun “Collidescope” artwork emerged after much Alien Mapping, rotating, scaling, cutting and pasting:

I think they’ll like it better this way – might even get a nod of approval!