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A life spent making mistakes is not only more honourable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.

George Bernard Shaw

Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried something new.

Albert Einstein

As mentioned in my last post, which is almost 2 months ago(!) I’ve taken time out to think about being an artist and have found, even though it is a demanding business and there are many, many talented artists out there producing many more beautiful paintings and artwork than I can, it is still what I enjoy doing the most.

The effort of getting over this stretch of making mistakes, of painting duds, of learning is tough and that is why, in the absence of going to lessons with teachers – none around here in my village or neighbouring towns – I have resorted to reading about different artists like Vincent van Gogh (of course!) and as mentioned my local favourite Irma Stern as well as contemporary artists who are on the internet. A friend of mine introduced me to the works of a phenomenal USA artist Marla Baggeta who is a prodigious producer of beautiful mixed media artworks – mostly pastels – and ALSO finds time to blog almost on a daily basis in an engaging, witty and intelligent manner!!

It hasn’t been all resting on my laurels and contemplating the pros and cons of being an artist these last 2 months. I stashed my water color pencils and dragged out some canvasses and 20 year old tubes of oil paint and am happy to report I now have a clutch of 7 paintings completed!

In fact I am off to hang them in a local restaurant called “Enchanted” after this post – hoping to catch some of the tourist trade.

Autumn, Upper Nutwoods Drive, Hogsback

Autumn, Nutwoods Drive, Hogsback

Autumn Arboretum Walks 1

Here’s lookin at you kid!

From the Movie “Casablanca”