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I’m in the ZONE and painting fast and furiousLY. No time for blogging much at all!

Okay – not strictly true, but after putting in 7 – 10 hours of work a day painting landscapes, I’m tired at the end of the day. I’ve aimed at completing 10 paintings this month, but looks like I’ll be off by 2. Still not too shabby though!

Here’s what some of them look like:

Autumn's Flight, Arboretum, Hogsback

Arboretum Dreaming, Abstract

Autumn on the Main, Hogsback

Signs of Spring I & II

Study of Upper Thyume Waterfalls in flood.

Today I decided to ease up a little and give my body a break and do a quick catch up with correspondence. It’s Sunday on the mountain and the sun is shining! What could be more blissful!?

First off – 2 of my paintings got SOLD!!! A lovely Canadian woman and her South African hubby bought the Arboretum Walkways set



and by now they may already be hanging up in Canada. I was fortunate enough to meet with the buyers and am very happy my paintings are going to be appreciated and enjoyed. Hopefully I’ll receive a photo of them in their home sometime!

Secondly, I am working on a 5 piece set for our local Hotel, Kings Lodge where I was employed on a temporary basis for a few months. While working there I noticed lots of spaces on the walls and have asked if I can hang some of my paintings in them. The Hotel manager has to approve my artworks first and so far I’ve just completed this one of the set  – the entrance to Kings Lodge bedecked with autumn colors.

Kings Lodge, Autumn, Driveway

It’s one of the largest paintings I’ve done so far, height 71cm x width 91cm!

The next in the series is a painting of the same size as the one above from a photo I took of an avenue of oak trees on Kings Lodge’s grounds in autumn.

King's Lodge Oak Avenue

I’ll keep you posted about how it goes and hold thumbs for me that the manager of Kings Lodge likes my paintings, okay!!