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As mentioned in my previous post I was going to let you know if the manager – or is that manageress as she is a woman? – was going to accept my painting of Kings Lodge as good enough to hang on the wall in the foyer of the hotel. Well it is and here’s a picture of it up!

My painting hanging in the foyer of the hotel.

A BIG thank you to all the people who popped in to have a look at my latest artworks and paid me wonderful compliments, especially my beautiful daughter Grace who is so encouraging. Getting negative feedback would not, I hope, stop me from painting, but getting positive feedback means I’m on the right track at least! Constructive criticism is ALWAYS welcomed.

I was not aware of how tired I was after the last painting.

I very cheerfully told Monique, Kings Lodge’s manageress, that the next painting would be finished by the end of the  week. It’s the end of the week and there is a painting completed, but it’s not one of the big ones. I decided I’d had enough for now of the autumn colours and instead settled for painting a smaller painting, 51 cm wide x 40.5cm high with lots of blue in it.

Cold front over the Hogsback Mountains

Side view of the canvas with wraparound image.

It turned out to have some autumn colours in it after all! Ironic that I am surrounded by the exuberant greens of summer and instead am painting autumn colours – or is that maybe why?

This painting – Cold front over the Hogsback Mountains – is inspired by a photo I bought from a local photographer, John McKinnel. I altered the foreground and the clouds quite substantially.

Of interest, I only used THREE colours + white to paint it! That’s right! Three colours  – and they are Phthalo Blue, Scarlet Red, and Lemon Yellow! It was a challenge I’d set myself and it was not because those were the only colours I had to paint with!!!

Next up may well be another autumn study!