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In my last post I spoke about how happy and elated I was that my painting had been accepted by the Manageress of Kings Lodge to be hung in the foyer of the hotel.

My painting hanging in the foyer of the Kings Lodge hotel, Hogsback.

Once it was up and hung I decided to gift the painting to the owners of the hotel as they had helped me in a very generous way when I was in a tight spot financially.

THIS is when things got a little messy and THIS is what I learnt from that messiness:

  1. Giving a painting as a gift is not ALWAYS a good idea, but especially so if, in the case of this painting, it is meant for a particular place, i.e. the hotel foyer.
  2. Don’t assume, even after numerous discussions with folk that the painting is part of an exhibition featuring Kings Lodge in autumn that it is understood that the painting was meant to stay put.
  3. Do make a point of mentioning in writing that the painting is meant to stay in the foyer, even though I had gifted it to the owner of the hotel.
  4. Don’t ask questions of the Manageress in a friendly way how / why the painting ended up in East London at the hotel owner’s residence where there is no space for it to hang as they have a very expensive and expansive art collection.
  5. Do expect her to run off to the hotel owners with the friendly questions I’d directed at her and do expect to get very terse and cool replies, sort of, to my questions.
  6. Do expect the owners of the hotel to get upset with me for asking questions and  because the Manageress keeps running to them with my questions.
  7. And FINALLY – do expect the owners of the hotel to return the painting to me, because they are fed up with me!
  8. Actually no – FINALLY DO earnestly listen to my gut feeling when it says to stay the heck away.
(There is Oh! so much more to the above than meets the eye which I’m not going to go into as I have made enough of a mountain out of this particular bump in the road!)
Anyway –  as can be seen I’ve  learnt my lesson well and needless to say I have decided to take “Autumn’s Blaze” , an exhibition of paintings based on photos I took of Kings Lodge in autumn to our lovely local hangout – Butterflies Bistro instead where they should be on show by mid-April in time for autumn!
Here’s a taste of things to come!

Oak trees in Kings Lodge's grounds - still busy working on it.

“Ce la vie” said the old folks, “You know you never can tell!”