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I’ve been inspired by Jean Marc to create a blogroll of all my faithful followers on my Home page as well as to post about 7 things you need to know about me – or you may not know about me. A very difficult assignment as mentioned on my About page – but here goes:

1. I am a keen numerologist and have studied this vast field of – dare I say “science”? for more than 7 years. 7 is actually an important number for me and is also the reason I’m not comfortable with talking about myself as one of the characteristics of 7 is a need for privacy.

2. I have lived in South Africa for most of my life, but was actually born in a little impoverished town called Ndola



on the copper mine belt of Zambia.

3. The reason why I really, really don’t like cold winters is that I was born in the tropics and my body’s thermostat got stuck at around 24 deg.C so anything under that is considered life threatening.

4. I have lived for 31 years in a mountain village at an altitude of roughly 1300m where the temperature drops below 24 deg.C regularly. This is called “living on the edge”.

The Edge is a holiday resort in Hogsback

5. I am a vegetarian mostly as I occasionally eat fish, but eat no other animal flesh – and have been one for 30 years. If you must eat meat then be responsible and make sure you get it from a source where good, kind, healthy animal husbandry is practised.

6. I have been married twice and am in a long term relationship with my ex-husband. This time it seems to be working!

7. I would love to go sailing around the world in a 40ft Maverick catamaran. They are beautifully built and are very expensive, so probably wont happen, but I can dream can I not!!

Maverick Yacht