Just a quick post to say I am still here, but plugging away at the Wild Voices project and l-o-n-g-i-n-g to get back to some old-fashioned paint on brush instead of pixel herding on a computer screen!!

Taking a break now I did some blog trawling using the word “art” in my search and as always have discovered some inspiring sites, not the least being David Apatoff’s blog simply called “Illustration Art”.

Albert Dorne, from the Famous Artists School materials

The above illustration reminded me of Laitma – a talented young illustrator who follows this blog as well as Geoff Louw who is a very skilful illustrator and up and coming South African artist.

If you’ve got the time go through David’s archived posts as well – I found this post on Rockwell Kent (1882 – 1971) famous for his illustrations for Moby Dick, Candide, Shakespeare and Chaucer, hugely enjoyable.

Moby Dick











Well – that was an informative break – post some more soon!!