Material washed and ready for sewing!

Material washed and ready for sewing!

I’m afraid to sew. It is difficult. In fact, after giving it a good try with a very basic little sewing machine, I’d say I have good reason to believe sewing is soft fabric engineering which seems very left brained for this dominantly right brained creative.

Sewing is also very addictive. No sooner have I undone a haplessly sewn seam, then ideas roll in and I can’t wait to see them materialized (pun intended).

My goal: A wardrobe full of one-off, bespoke clothing – maybe I should include the adjective – wearable!

Oh yes! Did I mention I’m living onboard a yacht anchored in the Caribbean? Here’s where I work in the main cabin.

my workstation

my workstation

And this is where I have my cutting table – the main cabin’s bed!


I’ve finished a few pieces of clothing and have many thoughts to share about the amazing Art of Sewing which I will post about soon!