Digital Art

I have being using GIMP for creating digital artwork for 10 years. It’s a powerful program which can be downloaded for FREE!

What I’ve realized is that working on a computer with a graphic manipulation program makes me a better artist than I am when I draw and paint by hand with real paints on real paper! Because of this I’ve decided to pursue creating art the traditional way.

Here are a few of the digital artworks I’ve created.










5 thoughts on “Digital Art”

  1. These are terrific! You’ve definately captured the spirit of your subjects.

    • Thanks Susan! Invoke Africa is going well and we should have a completed product by the end of April 2012. This will be a starter pack and after we’ve tested the market with this we are hoping to expand with a version that will include artwork and input by other writers and artists. I will be in touch!

  2. I have checked out some of your art, and all I can say is; wow!

  3. Don Briscoe. said:

    Really good stuff – keep it up. Don Briscoe.

    • Thanks Don – but really happier painting the old fashioned way. 🙂 How are you doing – have you got a blog too? Clicked on your gravatar but not linked. Hugs from a misty, cool mountain top.

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