Fun Art Sketching Workshop

Welcome to my Fun Art Sketching Workshop page!!

Fun Sketching!An Introduction:

Nosy Be, Madagascar 2010Hi! My name is Diane Holmes and I am a South African artist who has discovered that art can be incredibly fun and light-hearted and I would love to share this with you.

As I am currently living on a boat at the Zululand Yacht Club in South Africa, I thought it would be rather novel for those of you who do not spend time here at what is considered by many boat owners the best yacht club in the country, to come and join me for fun art sketching sessions under the palm trees overlooking Pelican Island Bay.

ZYCNotice I use the word “sessions” as “classes” and “lessons” may remind you of school and learning. I’m hoping to help you unlearn and play instead!


Do you worry about being “good enough” at art to join in?? Please don’t!! In my book there is no such thing, and I am only too pleased if you have had no “teaching” as you will have less to unlearn! I promise to make it my duty to help you lose your inhibitions and to find your own, inner artist.

To this end we will be using watercolour pencils to create with. They are bright and colourful and playful. They are also not intimidating like oil paints and acrylics and working on canvas may seem.

pencilsAt the end of the workshop you will have explored capturing light, clouds, sea, little boats bobbing about in the bay or off the walkways in a fun, non-competitive, supportive environment – and have a painting /s and lasting memories to show for it!

IMGA0388The workshops will be running from the 13th December 2013 until the 16th March 2014.


Free Introductory Session!!

If you are still not sure, but curious enough come around for a free introductory session where you’ll get to meet me and see you are in good company. I will be running the introductory sessions on Friday each week for the entire period. Only one free session per person obviously 😉


Dates for the weekend workshops: Saturday & Sunday

All weekends starting from the 16th December 2013 ending on the 16th March 2014.

Dates for the week day workshops: Tuesday & Thursday

Every week starting from the 17th December 2013 ending on the 13th March 2013


Please contact me for details.

You can book as many 1 day workshops as you want, but there is a saving for booking the 3 week, 6 sessions option AND the highlight of the 6th session is getting to sketch from our boat, Dayo 1 which we will anchor in Pelican Island Bay. There is also a slight discount for booking 4 session workshops.

Dayo 1

Dayo 1

Why the 6 sessions, 3 week workshop is the best.

I believe there is a better chance of you getting to relax more and feel more at home after a longer time spent here with me and the art group – and that is important for letting your hair down and having fun as well as having a lasting carry through effect where you will be able to carry on, on your own. There’s also a better chance of connecting in a meaningful way with like-minded people and this is great as artists, I believe, seldom thrive in isolation.



1 day workshops R90 per person, 3 – 3.30hrs

4 sessions – 2 sessions per week, 2 consecutive weeks in total workshop R300 per person 3 – 3.30hrs each sessions

6 sessions, 2 sessions per week, 3 consecutive weeks in total workshop – R400 per person – 3 – 3.30hrs per session


What you need to bring with

1. A set of watercolour pencils – 12 or 24 pencil set – it’s up to you.

2. Paint brush set – a cheap set to start with which may include the following:

  • No 12 or 14 Round
  • No 6 or 8 Round
  • No.1 or 2 Rigger
  • 1/2 inch Flat
  • 1 inch Flat                                                                                                                Don’t be too overly concerned if you can’t find all of them, but a size 8 – 10 round paint brush will be useful. P n P at the Boardwalk shopping center have a nice set of quality looking brushes by Dala for R39.95 as well as a set of 12 Staedtler watercolour pencils for the same amount.

3. Journal and something to write with.

4. Small camping chair if you don’t like sitting on the grass or on rocks.

5. Sun block, sun hat, anti-mozzie muti

6. Refreshments – we have a 15min tea break

7. Phone with a camera – at least 2MP or a camera


What I supply you with

1. A workboard made specially by Signforce for the workshops.

2. Water holder

3. Pre stretched watercolour paper.


Age restriction:

Unfortunately I have to limit the entry age to 15 years and up. This is because I feel that 3 – 3.30hrs is very long for younger children to endure and they may become bored and restless. I am however open to discussion if you feel your child could benefit from my workshops and not disturb the rest of the participants.


Please note: Only 10 participants per fun art sketching session.

Please book by emailing me at: or phone me on

073 607 7201 or leave your contact details here on the blog.



Tuesday 17th December 2013    LAUNCHED!

Running workshops this time of the year – even fun ones – is a bit tricky as there is so much going on in people’s lives right now. However, there are some who may for what ever reason find themselves at a loose end or even alone – and it was for this reason I launched on the 17th December 2013.

Not that I had any takers though – but undaunted I invited some ZYC Yachties to join me for a trial fun art session and it is safe to say all went well. Here are some photos of my “guinea pigs” Janet and Tanya.

Tanya left and Janet on the right writing in their journals.

Tanya left and Janet on the right writing in their journals.

What a lovely setting to do fun artwork in!

What a lovely setting to do fun artwork in!

Tanya and Janet engrossed in their artwork.

Tanya and Janet engrossed in their artwork.

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